and it’s time we stand and say…

i have not stopped grieving for the people of newton, ct.

there is no way to ever express the deep sadness the entire nation has felt.

i have kept silent on the gun control issues this tragedy has drug up. now i feel is the right time for me to speak up.

facebook and twitter have been slammed with anti-gun sentiments, mostly from uneducated losers who i have personally witnessed drinking and driving on a consistent basis.

it seems people forget that making something illegal does not make it go away.
it is forgotten that horrific crimes have been committed with bombs, knives, cars, and even bare hands.

will stricter gun control laws eliminate some elements of danger… maybe.
will it erase the issue of pyscho maniacs harming people… no.

tuesday night the nra broken its silence, and released the following statement:

"the national rifle association of america is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters — and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in newtown. out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. the nra is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again."

if you follow my blog or know me at all, you know i grew up in a household with a gun collector. my father collects, builds and refurbishes guns. he contributes to online blogs for gun owners. he is also one of the most gentle men (and gentleman!) you will ever meet. he taught me gun safety from an early age and made sure i fully understood the power of firearms.

this morning i received an email from my friend mike asking if i would be one of his references on his pistol permit application. i am honored.

i am proud to be a card carrying member of the nra and part of a group of people who value gun safety and believe in protecting our second amendment rights.

if you follow politics you know our second amendment rights are in danger.

if you would like to become a part of the proud group of gun owners, the time to apply for your firearms id card and pistol permit is NOW.

read all about my journey to become a gun owner and member of the nra here!

lee greenwood: god bless the usa